Forever Ago from USA


to “FOREVER AGO” and “TRATTURO ZERO” CD’s buyers


The Ars Spoletium Music and Record Editions have arranged for the shipment of this product directly from the United States, so it is possible to purchase the CD for € 19 (including shipping – instead of € 44 including shipping from Italy), also it’s faster.

We have a small logistic store in New York and can send ONLY this CD “Forever Ago” and/or “Tratturo Zero”, at domestic delivery cost, but ONLY “Forever Ago” and/or “Tratturo Zero” and ONLY if you buy only this, as if in your order there are other items we have to send all of them from Italy, so at normal costs.

So, IF in your cart, you put ONLY “Forever Ago” and/or “Tratturo Zero” AND you are in U.S., we can ship it to you at cheaper cost than normal intercontinental shipment.

How to take advantage of this saving? It’s very easy: after you put in cart the CD “Forever Ago” and/or “Tratturo Zero”, simply go to checkout page and fill-in your data and address.

When the system knows that you are from United States, in checkout form will be calculated shipping and offered to you two possibilities to choose by: one is the regular price and the other one is the discounted one, as per image aside (click to enlarge).

The first one (Express Courier) has been calculated considering shipping from Italy and based on wheight of goods, while, the second one, is the discounted cost for “Forever Ago”and/or “Tratturo Zero” US shipping.

In short, if you are US based and buy ONLY “Forever Ago” and/or “Tratturo Zero”, are welcome to check the second option

INSTEAD, if you are US based BUT buy other items too, please check the first, regular, Express Courier option, as we have to send them from Italy.

Of course, we’ll check the order and, in case of mistakes, we’ll contact you and, eventually, reimburse via PayPal.

For every doubt or info that you may need, feel free to contact us by our contacts page, we’ll be glad to hear from you.